Jules JosephJULES (Julian) JOSEPH was born a free man of mixed heritage. His mother was black and his father was white, which made Jules a mulatto.  Papa Jules had a light brown complexion, which in later years became weathered from continued exposure to the sun while farming his acres of land.  Papa Jules was considered well off by most standards. He acquired land in Plaisance, Louisiana from the Pitre family. In later years, Mr. Edgar Green bought some of the land; Albert and Gill purchased the rest.


Papa Jules was short in stature, muscular and of average weight. He maintained a jovial disposition. Around the holidays, a favorite pastime was the indulgence in hot homemade eggnog and toddies. Papa Jules answered to the nicknames of Nuck or Uncle Jullien.


Papa Jules’ family, like so many other free black families, migrated by boat from Virginia. Many families were on the move as early as 1819 because of the stringent laws which were being enacted against free blacks.  His family settled in Alexandria, Louisiana. After the outbreak of the Civil War, the first people to volunteer their services on behalf of the preservation of the Union were black people.  Papa Jules answered the call and moved to Opelousas, Louisiana.  He was made a commander while in service.  At the time, he had a wife, MARTHA or MARGARET. They had two sons, JOSEPH JOSEPH and JULES JOSEPH, JR. His son, Joseph Joseph, communicated with Mr. Ferdie Thierry many years ago.  It was believed that Joseph Joseph moved to Oklahoma and was never heard from again.


Papa Jules’ second wife was CELIZIA LOUISE VEAZIE.  He met her in the Plaisance-Grand Prairie Territory.  They were then soon married.  This union produced eight children: CELIZA JOSEPH HALL, CORINE JOSEPH CAMERON, CELESTINE JOSEPH BATISTE, CORA JOSEPH MALONE, ALBERT JOSEPH, JOE JOSEPH, MARIE (MARY) BAZILE and JULES “GILL” JOSEPH.


After Mama Celezia Louise Veazie died, Papa Jules married ADELLE ARTHURLEE, who was also from the Plaisance-Grand Prairie Territory. Their marriage brought forth nine children: EMILY JOSEPH CAREY, VERLIE “TEE SHA” JOSEPH BATISTE, ANTHONY JOSEPH, NATHAN JOSEPH, VICTORIA JOSEPH PITRE, ALMA JOSEPH JOHNSON, HARRIET JOSEPH THIERRY, OLEVIA JOSEPH WILSON and MARGIE JOSEPH BANKETT. This set of children all married and have children listed in our family tree booklet.  So, in total, Papa Jules had 19 children.  Mama Adelle Arthurlee died before Papa Jules. 


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