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  • Jules Joseph

    was born a free man of mixed heritage. He was short in stature, muscular and of average weight. He maintained a jovial disposition.

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Joseph Family

Welcome! Another year has passed. Another ring has been added to our family tree. And, once again, our Gracious God has allowed us to celebrate our past, give thanks for the present and pray for the future. Indeed, we are family. Nothing is more important than family. The ties that bond friendships may fray and tatter, neighbors may come and go, co-workers resign and retire, but the common blood of family endures forever. And that is why we celebrate the family. 

Once again, we are privileged to gather as descendants of the Jules Joseph family. Once again, we will repeat the stories that we have told so many times. And, once again those tales shall continue to cause smiles and tears as if we are hearing them for the very first time. Family stories, even when repeated, are always new. And that is why we celebrate the family. As we greet each other again, each smile shall invite another. Each hug will warm a heart. Every handshake will be sincere and meaningful. For the few days that we are together, politics won't matter. The nightly news won't matter. The only news that matters is that we are together once again. And that is why we celebrate the family. Every year that we assemble is a special gift from God. So, let us celebrate his gift with smiles and hugs, stories and memories, food and fun. Again, welcome home. Bienvenue a vas Racine. 


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